Sunday out~

I'm not photogenic at all.
Today I went to meet my dearest friend Florence since she had her birthday last thursday.
We met at Aroma, a nice coffee store with low prices~
This was my "lunch/tea break"(I didn't have lunch, so this was my first meal of the day)
"That" is a Marquise, it's like a brownie with dulce de leche and italian meringue on top, it was sickly sweet so I had to eat it really slow. The drink is a mix of red fruits, excellent ♥

I wanted to buy her a T-shirt she always liked from the Bond Street, but it was closed (so unfair), so we went to Abasto shopping and I bought her a little magnet robot from MORPH. She loved it, of course, she loves robots. Then we went to Zara and I bought a T-shirt for my nephew that says "Trouble Maker" with a very cool skull on it. I can't wait to see him with it.
And when we get out of the Shopping, there was this woman with a carpet on the floor, selling all kind of necklaces, rings and earrings, so I decided to take a look and I couldn't believe it when I found this:
Sharks are my favorite animals and it's painfully hard to find anything with their image on it, specially this kind of stuff, so you can imagine my happiness when I saw it. As you can see, I instantly bought it and loved it since then.
And last but never least! we also met so I could pay her for something really special that's going to happen to us on March 1st:
The best boyband ever is coming to Argentina and we are going to be there to see it! I just can't wait!



Today I have some silver things (I didn't put rings or necklace because it was too easy
First one of my favorite bags:

I bought it togheter with a lovely hairband.

Next this lovely shoes I bought some time ago, I just LOVE silver shoes, I wish I could have more than one pair
This bag was a present from my friend Florence, who is very dear to me, it came with a little mirror (also silver)

And this is all for today's MonoMonday~♥



Some days ago I bought a new wallet (my old one was broken already) and I went to Todo Moda (one of my favorites accesoriy store) I saw this one alone among others that weren't as beautiful as this one. I just had to buy it, is so girly it hurts and I fell in love.

Also, on sunday I went to Abasto (a huuge shopping centre in Buenos Aires) to se a movie and I went hunting for a new agenda (I've been aching for one since this year started). Usually, the stores sell their own line of agendas, but they're quite expensive, so I couldn't buy the one I really liked. But then I went inside Como quieres que te quiera and I asked to see the agenda closely, and I just took it, it's GORGEOUS, and unique and every month has beautiful flowers and different phrases. Is everything in english as I always like and has two sets of stickers.
Overall, comparing it to the one I liked first, this one was even cheaper, so I'm completely satisfied.


Sunday shopping

I went to the movies on sunday, my mother and I went to see Dorian Gray, I din't take good pictures of my outfit so I only have these two:
(I guess I owe you pictures of my new shoes too)

I love how the hair came out, I just wish I had taken a better picture
Also, I went to Como quieres que te quiera, one of the most cute brands here in Argentina and, since I didn't have clothes from this brand, I bought a T-Shirt and the most beautiful agenda (of which I will post pictures soon)

Also, I went in a very summer look, and it started to rain before we went to see the movie. And when we were getting out it was really chilly, so I had to buy a cardigan, and I remembered one I saw a few weeks ago and fell in love instantly. The brand is Soho

So, overall, I had a great sunday and I really enjoyed the movie and my mom's company~!
See you next time!



More Monochrome Monday!

Remember these? They're the accesories from New Year's Eve. They're both from Todo Moda

This is a Friend's day gift from my dear friend Florence

And the last one is another animal print bag, this time a gift from my sister, the brand is called Natural.
See you on next MonoMonday!



I'm sure you all know Etsy, the wonderland for the handmaker~
I love seeing and making treasuries, although making them takes a little time and it gets hard! I don't have so many ideas, so I could only acomplish two treasuries, but I really like them both~
This is my new one:

And my first one ♥

It's a very dangerous and adictive thing, be warned!