Sunday out~

I'm not photogenic at all.
Today I went to meet my dearest friend Florence since she had her birthday last thursday.
We met at Aroma, a nice coffee store with low prices~
This was my "lunch/tea break"(I didn't have lunch, so this was my first meal of the day)
"That" is a Marquise, it's like a brownie with dulce de leche and italian meringue on top, it was sickly sweet so I had to eat it really slow. The drink is a mix of red fruits, excellent ♥

I wanted to buy her a T-shirt she always liked from the Bond Street, but it was closed (so unfair), so we went to Abasto shopping and I bought her a little magnet robot from MORPH. She loved it, of course, she loves robots. Then we went to Zara and I bought a T-shirt for my nephew that says "Trouble Maker" with a very cool skull on it. I can't wait to see him with it.
And when we get out of the Shopping, there was this woman with a carpet on the floor, selling all kind of necklaces, rings and earrings, so I decided to take a look and I couldn't believe it when I found this:
Sharks are my favorite animals and it's painfully hard to find anything with their image on it, specially this kind of stuff, so you can imagine my happiness when I saw it. As you can see, I instantly bought it and loved it since then.
And last but never least! we also met so I could pay her for something really special that's going to happen to us on March 1st:
The best boyband ever is coming to Argentina and we are going to be there to see it! I just can't wait!



Today I have some silver things (I didn't put rings or necklace because it was too easy
First one of my favorite bags:

I bought it togheter with a lovely hairband.

Next this lovely shoes I bought some time ago, I just LOVE silver shoes, I wish I could have more than one pair
This bag was a present from my friend Florence, who is very dear to me, it came with a little mirror (also silver)

And this is all for today's MonoMonday~♥



Some days ago I bought a new wallet (my old one was broken already) and I went to Todo Moda (one of my favorites accesoriy store) I saw this one alone among others that weren't as beautiful as this one. I just had to buy it, is so girly it hurts and I fell in love.

Also, on sunday I went to Abasto (a huuge shopping centre in Buenos Aires) to se a movie and I went hunting for a new agenda (I've been aching for one since this year started). Usually, the stores sell their own line of agendas, but they're quite expensive, so I couldn't buy the one I really liked. But then I went inside Como quieres que te quiera and I asked to see the agenda closely, and I just took it, it's GORGEOUS, and unique and every month has beautiful flowers and different phrases. Is everything in english as I always like and has two sets of stickers.
Overall, comparing it to the one I liked first, this one was even cheaper, so I'm completely satisfied.


Sunday shopping

I went to the movies on sunday, my mother and I went to see Dorian Gray, I din't take good pictures of my outfit so I only have these two:
(I guess I owe you pictures of my new shoes too)

I love how the hair came out, I just wish I had taken a better picture
Also, I went to Como quieres que te quiera, one of the most cute brands here in Argentina and, since I didn't have clothes from this brand, I bought a T-Shirt and the most beautiful agenda (of which I will post pictures soon)

Also, I went in a very summer look, and it started to rain before we went to see the movie. And when we were getting out it was really chilly, so I had to buy a cardigan, and I remembered one I saw a few weeks ago and fell in love instantly. The brand is Soho

So, overall, I had a great sunday and I really enjoyed the movie and my mom's company~!
See you next time!



More Monochrome Monday!

Remember these? They're the accesories from New Year's Eve. They're both from Todo Moda

This is a Friend's day gift from my dear friend Florence

And the last one is another animal print bag, this time a gift from my sister, the brand is called Natural.
See you on next MonoMonday!



I'm sure you all know Etsy, the wonderland for the handmaker~
I love seeing and making treasuries, although making them takes a little time and it gets hard! I don't have so many ideas, so I could only acomplish two treasuries, but I really like them both~
This is my new one:

And my first one ♥

It's a very dangerous and adictive thing, be warned!


Monochrome Monday

Since I couldn't go out this sunday and therefore have no pictures to show, I will start a weekly post.
This is my Monochrome Monday~!

Last week I bought new rings, rings are my second favorite accesory (the first one are necklaces).
I bought the little gradient rings at Todo Moda (a store exclusively for accesories). Also, I fell in love with this zebra little baby that was quite expensive but totally worth it. And when I had both in my hands I realized that something was familiar, so I went to pic my old ring from Chinatown and join it to the collection.
Now my hands look like this:
(the lovely nail polish is pearled green and takes five hands to look like that)

Also, with my first pay I rushed to the mall to buy some presents for my parent (specially my father who got me the job) and the first thing I run into was this precious thing:
It was literally the first thing I saw when I got in and I just had to have it. It's insanely huge and the print is just gorgeous

I wonder if I have enough monochromatic things to keep this weekly post going!
See you next week on MonoMonday!


Pesqueira by Asmoix

My dear friend choco.pop asked me to write an entry of her favorite store: Pesqueira
The store was created by an Argentinian fellow: Valeria Pesqueira, a graduated from Buenos Aires University (UBA) BIG words in the college world.
Her designs are simple and very feminine, her trademark is definetly her unique fabrics, I love unusual fabrics and this girl has them, so it was really easy to fell in love with her products. Is not only about clothes, she also has a lot of accesories with the same charming effect, just take a look!

Also I found some irresistible accesories ♥

But the highlight of this store is definetly its exclusive and unique prints, I fell in love with each one, is very difficult in Argentina to find prints so original as these ones!

So that's all, I fell in love with this one too! I look foward to buy something at the store!
Go take a look~ ♫


new year, new blog

Well, Happy New Year to everyone~~!
A couple months ago I had the idea to make a fashion blog but couldn't really achieve it. But this month I decided to create it and begin posting in 2011, so I took some pictures in New Year's Eve.
My name is Asmoix and I been playing with fashion since no long ago, I'm extremely bad at describing myself when it comes to the way I dress, so there will be nothing organized in this blog. I'm very bad at being constant, so expect some huge gaps between posts.
I will be presenting things of myself with every entry so I don't have to think everything for this one.

So, let's skip this akward introductory moment to the look for New Year's Eve. And I'm really imploring you to ignore the stupid look on my face in the full body picture, I really should've take another one, but my sister was taking it.

The shoes were inherited from my older sister and they aren't all that comfortable but I really like the desing.

I bough the necklace because it looked similar to the one Ruki (from the GazettE) wore in Hyena. The cuff was a christmas present from my older sister, I just LOVE IT♥

And well, that's all for now, I don't have more to say.
See you next time~