Some days ago I bought a new wallet (my old one was broken already) and I went to Todo Moda (one of my favorites accesoriy store) I saw this one alone among others that weren't as beautiful as this one. I just had to buy it, is so girly it hurts and I fell in love.

Also, on sunday I went to Abasto (a huuge shopping centre in Buenos Aires) to se a movie and I went hunting for a new agenda (I've been aching for one since this year started). Usually, the stores sell their own line of agendas, but they're quite expensive, so I couldn't buy the one I really liked. But then I went inside Como quieres que te quiera and I asked to see the agenda closely, and I just took it, it's GORGEOUS, and unique and every month has beautiful flowers and different phrases. Is everything in english as I always like and has two sets of stickers.
Overall, comparing it to the one I liked first, this one was even cheaper, so I'm completely satisfied.

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  1. Super-super lindas la billetera y agenda, lástima esas fotos mochas que les pusiste XD