Monochrome Monday

Since I couldn't go out this sunday and therefore have no pictures to show, I will start a weekly post.
This is my Monochrome Monday~!

Last week I bought new rings, rings are my second favorite accesory (the first one are necklaces).
I bought the little gradient rings at Todo Moda (a store exclusively for accesories). Also, I fell in love with this zebra little baby that was quite expensive but totally worth it. And when I had both in my hands I realized that something was familiar, so I went to pic my old ring from Chinatown and join it to the collection.
Now my hands look like this:
(the lovely nail polish is pearled green and takes five hands to look like that)

Also, with my first pay I rushed to the mall to buy some presents for my parent (specially my father who got me the job) and the first thing I run into was this precious thing:
It was literally the first thing I saw when I got in and I just had to have it. It's insanely huge and the print is just gorgeous

I wonder if I have enough monochromatic things to keep this weekly post going!
See you next week on MonoMonday!

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  1. MonoMonday que nombre pegajoso!!
    El anillo de zebra me encanta (*_*)