new year, new blog

Well, Happy New Year to everyone~~!
A couple months ago I had the idea to make a fashion blog but couldn't really achieve it. But this month I decided to create it and begin posting in 2011, so I took some pictures in New Year's Eve.
My name is Asmoix and I been playing with fashion since no long ago, I'm extremely bad at describing myself when it comes to the way I dress, so there will be nothing organized in this blog. I'm very bad at being constant, so expect some huge gaps between posts.
I will be presenting things of myself with every entry so I don't have to think everything for this one.

So, let's skip this akward introductory moment to the look for New Year's Eve. And I'm really imploring you to ignore the stupid look on my face in the full body picture, I really should've take another one, but my sister was taking it.

The shoes were inherited from my older sister and they aren't all that comfortable but I really like the desing.

I bough the necklace because it looked similar to the one Ruki (from the GazettE) wore in Hyena. The cuff was a christmas present from my older sister, I just LOVE IT♥

And well, that's all for now, I don't have more to say.
See you next time~


  1. Yeeey~~ you did it!!!
    Aw, I'm so freaking happy that you finally made this one >3<

    Great look btw, I really like the necklace and the dress ♥. And don't worry about the look on your face xD I'm sure you'll get to take pictures you'll LOVE and they'll be awesome, no matter if you're frowning xD This are great anyway.

    I wish you the best with this new project!!


  2. Wasssaaaaabi!!!
    Vengo a romper el ambiente englishtico XD

    Ese vestido me re gusta y te queda super bien, maldita chiruzaaaa!!! :3
    El collar también está lindo, ay cuando no ella y sus ñoñadas hahaha.