Pesqueira by Asmoix

My dear friend choco.pop asked me to write an entry of her favorite store: Pesqueira
The store was created by an Argentinian fellow: Valeria Pesqueira, a graduated from Buenos Aires University (UBA) BIG words in the college world.
Her designs are simple and very feminine, her trademark is definetly her unique fabrics, I love unusual fabrics and this girl has them, so it was really easy to fell in love with her products. Is not only about clothes, she also has a lot of accesories with the same charming effect, just take a look!

Also I found some irresistible accesories ♥

But the highlight of this store is definetly its exclusive and unique prints, I fell in love with each one, is very difficult in Argentina to find prints so original as these ones!

So that's all, I fell in love with this one too! I look foward to buy something at the store!
Go take a look~ ♫


  1. Yeey~ Pesqueira is LOVE. She's a super talented artist and I love her work!
    Thank you for making this report :3 you're awesome!


  2. Oh, my! I love the clothing and I especially love these prints. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  3. Hey! Just dropping by to say hi! And I LOVE Pesqueira, 50% of my wardrobe, I'd say, is from Valeria. I have the bear bag in light brown, a coat and a dress with the bear pattern, even school stuff, hehe.

    Nice blog, by the way! ;) Congrats and have a great day!


  4. Hi, again! And thanks for dropping by! I bought those flats from Luz Principe. They're no longer available (I bought them years ago), but you might find something you like. I can't go to her showroom often because it's impossible for me to leave without a pair of her awesome shoes, haha!