Sunday shopping

I went to the movies on sunday, my mother and I went to see Dorian Gray, I din't take good pictures of my outfit so I only have these two:
(I guess I owe you pictures of my new shoes too)

I love how the hair came out, I just wish I had taken a better picture
Also, I went to Como quieres que te quiera, one of the most cute brands here in Argentina and, since I didn't have clothes from this brand, I bought a T-Shirt and the most beautiful agenda (of which I will post pictures soon)

Also, I went in a very summer look, and it started to rain before we went to see the movie. And when we were getting out it was really chilly, so I had to buy a cardigan, and I remembered one I saw a few weeks ago and fell in love instantly. The brand is Soho

So, overall, I had a great sunday and I really enjoyed the movie and my mom's company~!
See you next time!


    It's so freaking beautiful!!!!!! And I loved the tshirt too! *drools all over your new items*

    I'm happy you had fun~!

  2. Me encanta absolutamente todo (♥_♥)